Pros and cons of buying new and used Mitsubishi cars

Confused about whether to buy a new or used Mitsubishi automobile? Find an accredited Mitsubishi dealer service center, and consider these pros and cons.

Should you buy a new or used Mitsubishi car?

To help you decide which to go for, here are the pros and con of both options you should consider.

New Mitsubishi automobile units

Pros you should consider before buying

  • Brand new cars have lesser interest rates when you buy it using car loans. You just have to look for an accredited car service Mitsubishi centre, so you can have the best deals.
  • They are covered with maximum warranty from manufacturers, and even the dealership can add some more years on it. Usually, Mitsubishi cars are covered for 3 to 5 years, whilst their engine, powertrain and transmission could be covered for 7 to 10 years.
  • Buying brand new cars also means having the latest technology and inclusions in them. This could include fantastic features like GPS technology, which could help you have a better driving experience.
  • Dealerships could give you a handful of colour and style option for brand new cars. You can even ask them to customize your new Mitsubishi car for a bit.

Cons you should consider before buying

  • Brand new cars easily depreciate in value, as it could lose around 11% as soon as you drive it off. Some units even depreciate almost 50% in just 2 or 3 years, making it not a good investment if you’re after Return on Investment.
  • Brand new automobiles are expensive to replace, thus they come at a much higher price for insurance policies.

Used Mitsubishi automobile units

Pros to consider before buying

  • Choose used Mitsubishi motors locate a service centre, and you can have far more affordable choices to choose from. Remember that brand new cars easily depreciate in value, thus you can expect used cars to be much affordable in many ways.
  • Aside from the car being much affordable, you can also have much affordable insurance fees as well. After all, used cars are cheaper to replace, aren’t they?
  • Used cars, especially from reliable dealers, have undergone professional and intensive service, so they’d be on good condition before selling. This could give you peace of mind, as you know of it having lesser technical problems, especially those which you’re yet to find.

Cons to consider before buying

  • Used Mitsubishi automobile could have irreparable issues, like lesser gasoline efficiency; this could potentially push you to frequent servicing. However, if you’d buy one from a reliable Mitsubishi dealer service center, you can decrease such worries to face.
  • Used cars don’t come with the fancy add-ons and latest technology; this could push you to buy them if you want. However, aside from value depreciation, that could pull the price of a used car even lower.
  • You can’t choose a style or colour that you want for a used car. You have to buy what’s in front of you or search in another Mitsubishi dealer service center.

These are a few of the vital pros and cons you should think about, so you can decide which among brand new or used Mitsubishi car should you buy. However, regardless of your option, make sure to Google about “best Mitsubishi service centers near me”, or click on for the best units available on great deals.